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Photoshoot Old Den Bosch - Netherlands

Old city in hard light

Black and white photography can be a wonderful way to explore and capture the city of Den Bosch, especially in harsh sunlight. The contrast between the bright sun and the shadows creates a dramatic atmosphere that suits this photography technique well.

One of the most important aspects of black and white photography in harsh sunlight is taking advantage of the shadows. The high contrasts allow shadows to create interesting shapes and patterns, giving a unique aesthetic to the photos. This can be especially interesting in the narrow streets and alleys of the city, where the sun's rays barely penetrate and create a dark atmosphere.

Another aspect to pay attention to when taking black and white photos in the city of Den Bosch in strong sunlight is the composition. Due to the strong contrasts, the image can quickly become overwhelming, and it can be difficult to hold the viewer's attention. It is therefore important to pay attention to composition and look for interesting lines and shapes to grab the viewer's attention.

Finally, using filters can help improve the aesthetics of the photos. For example, a polarizing filter can help to reduce the reflections of the sun on the buildings and streets, further enhancing the contrasts between light and dark.

Overall, black and white photography in the city of Den Bosch in harsh sunlight offers countless opportunities to create unique and dramatic images. By emphasizing the shadows and contrasts, and paying attention to composition, photographers can capture beautiful images that capture the atmosphere of the city in a unique way.


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